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The London Address of Toshizo Hijikata

A Wolf in Victorian Clothing

Toshizo Hijikata
"When gangrene sets in we need to amputate before the whole body rots." -Hijikata Toshizo, Shinsengumi Keppuroku

Why Hijikata is in Victorian London:

After being wounded in the Battle of Hakodate, the seriously wounded Hijikata found shelter in the house of an Englishman named Lawrence Reid. Also living in the house was Lawrence's sister, Elizabeth (Lizzie). With the war over and nothing left for him in Japan, the Reids were able to convince Hijikata to return with them to England. Once there they helped him to learn english and adapt to London society.

Three years after moving to London, Hijikata married Lizzie. Soon afterwards Lawrence died while in business in England's Cape Colony in Africa. Hijikata and his wife then went to Africa themselves to complete what Lawrence had started.

They soon fell in love with the country and decided to remain for some time. While there, Hijikata took up the sport of big game hunting. However after several years of happiness, Lizzie died shortly after giving birth to their third child. At that point Hijikata decided to leave Africa and return to London, where he could better raise his children.

Hijikata is currently running the Reid Trading Co. and lives in the West End of London with his three children: Thomas (9), Eleanore (Ellie - 7), and Sojiro (4).

The spirit of "Makoto" is very much alive in Jolly Old England!

"Toshizo Hijikata" is a character in the Victorian Era RPG fogandgaslights and is played by MissBehavin.